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Massage | Danna Bodywork Massage - Queens,NY

I can lower the excitability level of the motor-neurons in your brain. This means less stress, less anxiety and less bursts of...

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage | Danna Bodywork Massage - Queens,NY

When Westerners think of massages, they are usually thinking of Swedish massages. If you’ve never been massaged before...

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Asian Massage

Asian Massage | Danna Bodywork Massage - Queens,NY

Asian massage isn’t a crazy fad. It originates in India and the Far East and is an ancient form of massage that has lasted for many...

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Welcome To Danna Bodywork Massage

Located near beautiful Ridgewood, NY, Danna Bodywork Massage can give you solutions for your pain and stress. For thousands of years, human beings around the world have understood the benefits of massage for both the mind and body. Let me show you how your life can improve with a little help from Danna Bodywork Massage. If you are looking to decrease pain and stress, then look no further than my services here at Danna Bodywork Massage. I specialize in deep tissue massage, Asian massages, and Swedish massages, as well as hot stone massages.

Don’t let work, life or stressful situations take over you. Relaxation is just one phone call away. As a seasoned massage therapist, I have many years of experience in the various ways that massage can change your life.

The benefits of a good massage don’t end when you leave the table. Let me improve all aspects of your life, by improving your physical and psychological health. Regular massages from Danna Bodywork Massage will lead to deeper breathing, increased flexibility, better posture, improved circulation and health of your skin, along with a calmer mental state, reduced anxiety and an increased sense of peace of mind.

I can provide deep tissue massage and hot stone massage for those who require extra help with their body issues. In a hot stone massage, heated stones are placed on the body. The heat relaxes the body and can loosen up tight muscles, allowing for a better massage. Deep tissue massage targets the deeper muscles of your body, making it ideal for those who have chronic muscle pain or those who are more accustomed to massages.

If you have body aches, pains and are feeling stressed, the solution is simple. At Danna Bodywork Massage I can provide you with a safe and peaceful haven from the fast pace of modern life, so you can return feeling refreshed and ready to face the world.

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